Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New PC Controller

I have been playing Ikaruga a lot ever since its arrival on Steam but I have been secretly harboring the frustration I have been experiencing with my wireless X-Box 360 controller that I use to play it. My research concluded that it's a common problem for this type of controller, where the left analogue stick inputs left movement on its own when you start using it and even when you just leave it untouched. In a game like Ikaruga, such a thing can of course lead to instant death. Now I don't like to use the d-pad when playing this game - it's all about the analogue stick for me because it offers more movement flexibility. So I had to switch to my wired X-Box 360 controller to play the game. Having been spoiled by wireless technology, it just doesn't feel right to play modern games with a wired controller so I have been looking for a new wireless controller for my PC. I have heard that the PlayStation 3 controller can work with the PC but I personally don't like the whole MotioninJoy thing, that software looks pretty darn messy. What I didn't know however is that apparently someone had found a way to make the PlayStation 4 controller works properly on the PC. So I immediately went to get myself a Bluetooth receiver for my PC - using a USB cable works too but I want a wireless solution - and downloaded the "DS4Tool". After everything is set, I launched Ikaruga... Lo and behold, everything worked perfectly! Even the rumble!

You know that you always wanted that controller light to be sexy pink!

Now having this controller fully functional on the PC in itself is quite awesome but the fun didn't just stop there. You can even customize that nasty bright light on the controller - an option that is not even available on the PS4. Not only that, if you find that light as annoying as I do, you can even turn it completely off! Now the bad news here is that once the controller is turned off, it looks like I have to pair it up again with my Bluetooth receiver before the tool recognizes it, so it does come with just a tiny bit of hassle but it is certainly worth the minor annoyance because this PS4 controller is thankfully a lot better than its X-Box branded competitors. Don't you just love gaming on the PC? I certainly do.

Update Note: 03/03/2014 - Apparently the Bluetooth driver I was using had a glitch on it, causing the pairing problem I mentioned above because Windows Update patched it today and now, I don't have to do the initial pairing process anymore when I need to use the PS4 controller. All I have to do now is press that PS button and everything is good to go.

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