Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dark Souls II: Lesson Learned?

While the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360 versions of Dark Souls II are getting released next week, the Steam-bound Personal Computer version is being delayed to an April 25th release date. Though I am sure that this is quite disappointing for rabid fans of the game, it looks like From Software is making sure that the PC release this time is no longer going to be a mere port of the console versions as shown on the statement released on Steam today:

It better be better on the PC. That's just the natural way of the gaming universe.

I do believe that the game is ready for PC release because the difference is really just the resolution bump and the better frame rate. We all have seen this ploy before. From Software and Namco Bandai are both new to the whole PC gaming thing and they apparently are oblivious to the fact that many developers before them have purposely released the PC version of their games at a much later date than the console releases. The reasoning behind this logic is simple: who would buy the console versions if the superior PC version is available? Only idiots would. And yes, you can play PC games on the big screen, you don't even need a Steam Machine for that. And yes, this game does feature full controller support. Those who have been craving for this sequel who happen to game on the PC may end up getting one of the console versions before eventually getting the Steam version if they are impatient and we all know that there are plenty of those people out there. This of course equals more profit for you know who.

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