Saturday, May 24, 2014

Too Many Skylanders?

I was moving my Skylanders figurines around last night and I realized that my Skylanders collection has grown quite large in such a short period of time. With many interesting games being released on Steam recently, it made me wonder if I have been focusing too much on these Skylanders. Yes, Skylanders Swap Force indeed brought much needed life to my PlayStation 4 but at what cost? Today, 5 more Skylanders are added to the cast and one of them happened to be the last Swap Force character, Doom Stone:

Don't get stoned, get Doom Stone!

Then it hit me: Yes, it's all been worth it. It takes something like Doom Stone, who is such a masculine, handsome little Skylander and the figurine itself is beautiful to behold, to remind me that my love for these things is real. The Greek-infusion makes for an interesting character design and I look forward to play him in the game. It's going to be hard to stop me from pursuing more of these Skylanders in the future but it is important for me to remind myself that I need to balance things out when it comes to my other gaming interests as I go.

They sure know how to make these guys individually varied and special.

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