Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Skylanders Will Own Your Body & Mind

This is just a courtesy warning for those of you who haven't played any of the Skylanders games and are thinking about getting involved: Think carefully. Think very, very carefully before you invest because ever since I welcomed Skylanders Swap Force into my Game Library, it seems like I have been prioritizing too much on the figurine accumulation over everything else. Yes, even over Steam games. It's quite maddening. Sometimes, I feel like I would get more mileage from getting actual games instead of these figurines but then when I look at these figurines and hold them in my hand as I place them onto the Portal of Power before seeing the Skylanders come to life inside the television screen, I feel like it was worth the sacrifice. What is it about these Skylanders that make them so irresistible? Well, for one, they are very well designed, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.  Secondly, the figurines themselves are well constructed. Be careful when buying online because you won't be able to ensure that there are no coloring problems and scratches on them but when those imperfections don't exist, they look so very adorable. Thirdly, the Swap Force magnets: It's addicting to pull those swap-able Skylanders apart then mixing and matching them as they easily snap in place thanks to the powerful magnets attached to each halves. Lastly, the game itself with its action role playing game roots where you level up your characters and abilities. There are just plenty of things to do beyond the scope of the story mode which in itself is easily and joyfully replayable.

Just today, I got 4 more Skylanders figurines. Click here to view a list of my Skylanders figurines.

What I am trying to say is this: Skylanders Swap Force is a very good game but sometimes it feels like a trap - there's a reason why the next game is called Trap Team - that snares you in with no way of escape. It will sometimes make you question yourself with the decisions you made to keep feeding the game with more and more figurines but since you do get something in physical form (it helps that they look nice), you find it easy to forgive yourself. What an interesting experience. If only I could find a local co-op partner... Well, that would probably make my obsession over the game worse than it already is.



overscan68000 said...

Loner gamer, look what you've done.

I've totally ordered myself the Skylanders Giants starter pack from Amazon. I keep hearing about this damn game so I have to try it. £10! It's selling for £20-£40 on eBay, so it's rude not to.

If I get addicted, I'm blaming you!

Loner Gamer said...

You were warned but good luck.