Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Steam In-Home Streaming: iOS It!

Valve officially released the In-Home Streaming feature for Steam today, a function that seems to be quite useless for me. I tried to think of a situation when I would want to play my Steam games when I am not in my Game Room but still in the house and I couldn't find one. I mean, if the spouse wanted to force me to watch a television show in the living room, I don't think that doing remote gaming is going to cut it because I was supposed to be watching. I guess this feature would be good during a major diarrhea and one is stuck on the toilet for a while. But you know what? Valve needs to just push this a little further to make it more attractive. Why not allow a Steam application to be downloaded on say, the iPad and allow the Steam Controller to work with the iPad. Now that's a game changer. They could even distribute that app to the PlayStation 4, Wii U, and the X-Box One and put those consoles to shame by making people play Steam games on them if they happen to have their PCs and consoles on separate displays because they don't know that the PC can be hooked up to the big high definition display - yes, there are still plenty of people like that out there today.

Notice the stereotypical main PC with a small monitor and the remote one with a big display.
Stop with your misleading "Living Room" agenda, Valve. It's rather disgusting.

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