Friday, May 30, 2014

Returning to the State of Decay with Lifeline

The second expansion for State of Decay entitled Lifeline was just released today by Undead Labs both for the Personal Computer via Steam as well as the X-Box 360. The story-driven original release was indeed promising but a little rough for me while the open-ended first expansion, Breakdown, truly molded the game into something a little more cohesive and enjoyable. Lifeline is a story-based expansion to the game where you start off with controlling a group of military personnel who are struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse around the city of Danforth, an entirely new location. From the 2-3 hours I have spent on the Steam version, the game doesn't bring any new features with it though the universal "Rucks in Trucks" update that allows you to store things into the trunks of vehicles makes resource gathering less of a chore. Though I would like the gameplay design to be similar to Breakdown, I still find Lifeline enjoyable thus far. Everything feels familiar yet new and if you are a fan of State of Decay, it will be easy to get yourself into the groove of things here. I will post a review of the expansion once I have spent a lot more time with it.

A doomed city. Does it foreshadow our own demise?

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