Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yourself!Fitness: The Body Remembers

So I started using Yourself!Fitness for the X-Box again and it's been close to 2 weeks since my return and earlier today, I went through the game's "Physical Challenge" - a test that is presented after every 9 sessions that the game uses to make proper adjustments to my exercise routine. The result looks good so far:

3 pounds lost in 1+ weeks. That's good, right?

Of course, I could already see that initial result by simply looking at my waist and noticing the shrinking love handles. I know that it will be months before I can fit in those old pants again but the most interesting thing about my return to Maya hell is that my body has already started adjusting my food intake. When I first used the program many, many years ago, it took a while before that happened but now, I am already getting hungry quicker and consuming too much will me sick. So yeah, keep giving it to me Maya! I believe in you!

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