Friday, May 9, 2014

I Spy a... Goatee?!

Ever since I got the Skylanders Swap Force for the PlayStation 4 last month, I have been in love with not just the game, but the figurines themselves. I adore the game's character designs with each Skylanders being unique compared to one another but I just noticed a design blunder with one of Skylanders... And that unfortunate Skylander is a member of the Swap Force nontheless: Spy Rise!

Shave it off! Shave it off!

Why would a robot need a goatee?

I just got this guy yesterday and all this time when looking at the pictures of the figurine, I always thought that the not-so-dirty then dark triangle on his chin was just a part of the helmet wrapped around his head. Imagine my horror when I realized that it was actually a goatee! It's official. Spy Rise is definitely the most unattractive Skylanders and the whole goatee thing definitely doesn't make sense when you look at the entire Skylanders line up as a whole because it's facial hair for the sake of facial hair on a being that doesn't even grow hair. It makes sense that Grilla Drilla has a beard because he's a gorilla and that Boom Jet has stubbles because he's like a chipmunk or something but this?! They really don't have to create supposedly adult looking Skylander to get adults playing the game. We all want our Skylanders to be cute, adorable, and cool. Goatees are not cool. It could be worse though. At least they didn't go with a soul patch!

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