Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting Physical Is Not That Sexy

These days, I prefer my games to be delivered to me via digital means. I prefer not to have them in physical forms anymore since they do nothing but hog up my personal space. Sometimes, I don't have the choice but accept them in that fashion and that is just the case when I received my copies of Puppeteer for the PlayStation 3 and The Wonderful 101 for the Wii U. Yet again, as I have reported many times before, physical copies of video games these days can be rather pathetic. Both of these games do not have any printed game manuals as expected. For Puppeteer, Sony's pattern of printing on the back of the game cover was utilized for the game's packaging and to combat a growing number of misunderstanding about missing manuals, this is the first time in which I saw Nintendo included a "Viewing the Electronic Manual" printout with The Wonderful 101. Interestingly, Puppeteer also offered a digital manual that you actually have to install on your PS3 hard drive to view. Nintendo's solution to enable players to view manuals while their games are running is definitely superior when comparing the two. Getting new games is always an exciting event but to find more physical space to place them can give me quite a nasty headache.

Don't be a puppet, digital distribution is wonderful.

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