Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Steam Family Sharing

Will the Steam domination ever stop? Starting next week for the lucky beta participants, Steam will allow families and close friends to share their game libraries without sharing their account names and passwords. Yes, though limited to only 10 people sharing the access as well as some other game-related limitations, giving players the official method to share their digital game library is a huge deal. There are a lot of really smart things that Valve is doing with this program too, like the ability for the main account holder to always be able to log in and automatically kick a lender off the shared library. I also like that this is not just limited to just computers in a LAN setting or a shared computer, which means that you can authorize just about anyone, anywhere to share your games with. With this incredible feature, why would people buy those horrid upcoming consoles again? For those people with a close-knit circle of gamer friends and families, this is easily one of the best things that has ever come to gaming since Steam brought us the absolute wonder of digital distribution. There is one huge problem with this feature however on a personal level: I don't know any gamer who is that close to me whom I would want to share my huge Steam library with!

While Microsoft and Sony abandon their creations quickly, Valve wants Steam to last forever.

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