Monday, September 23, 2013

SteamOS Is Coming!

Valve's evil plan has been officially announced today as they will be releasing a forever free Linux-based operating system called SteamOS. The complete details of their roll out plan is still vague and we have to wait 2 more days for the second (out of three) piece of information to be revealed. The great thing about this announcement is that from this point forward, as a Personal Computer gamer, I don't have to worry anymore about future iterations of Windows or even Mac operating systems. This means that any games that will be released specifically for SteamOS will remain forever compatible without us worrying about future OS updates as Valve continues to make it bigger and better.

The problem here of course is that not all of the games found in the Steam massive library would even run on SteamOS without the help of having them streamed from a compatible PC. Updating all those older games to run natively on SteamOS will be next to impossibility so this means that you can never just have the SteamOS as your computer main operating system but you never know, Valve might be able to tackle that problem in the future. The other concerning thing here for me is the whole obsession with the living room thing. I know it's probably just a way for Valve to get the attention of the oblivious general population because all that they are really saying is computing on your large screen display. Those who have never done so would probably get a kick out of it. I began using my big screen as my main PC screen ever since I started playing World of Warcraft so many years ago and I have never gone back to the small monitor ever since. The one thing I hope will happen with SteamOS however is that the SteamOS will be confined within the Steam client itself for those who already hooked up their PCs directly to the big screen like myself. I would think that it should be possible but I suppose that may be wishful thinking because Valve wants complete independance from the Windows and Mac operating systems. We may be seeing an influx on future Steam games that would only run exclusively on SteamOS but it may be too early to worry about the dilemma that such a thing would cause. It seems like the SteamOS can be downloaded and installed on a plethora of devices - perhaps even as apps on televisions and consoles since the announcement description was pretty darn generic - but there is a high possibility that Valve would be selling a basic mini PC with the SteamOS already installed to make it easier for people to digest the whole setup. Overall, I think this is quite an exciting evolution of Steam as the dominant gaming platform and I look forward to learn more about the SteamOS. I am sure NVIDIA is not too happy about this announcement however: poor Shield.

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