Friday, September 20, 2013

Valve's Living Room Obsession

What is up with Valve and their obsession with the living room? Apparently, they will be announcing something big involving their plans to invade that supposedly mythical place. I love Steam. I think it's the future of gaming. I have pretty much abandoned the prospect of owning any other future gaming console just so that I can focus on Steam but I feel that Valve's obsession about living room is just a bit misguided. Shouldn't they urge gamers to have a "game room" instead? I myself personally practice my video gaming habits in my Game Room. Unless you are single, I would think it's uncomfortable to game in the living room. I haven't done that for the last 15 years so maybe that is why I feel strongly against playing my games in the living room. If this is about releasing a mini Personal Computer that people can hook up to their living room display, I think that's a bit of a risky proposition. It is important to not blur the lines between the consoles and the PC. If Valve is indeed releasing a mini PC, developers will consider that device's specification as the standard for PC gaming and that is a bad thing because like the upcoming PlayStation 4 and X-Box One, that very specification will be grossly outdated so that Valve can control the selling price.

Maybe this is about a cloud-based Steam service that will be offered as a television app?

But of course this whole living room thing is all about greed and money. Steam is doing well but Valve wants to completely dominate the competition. Maybe they want to even get into the non-gamer audience if everything managed to be successful. I think this whole thing is silly because people can just put their PC in the living room. I have mine hooked up to my big screen display for the longest time. Obviously, just educating people that this can be done isn't enough for Valve. Someone told me in the past that the reason why he didn't hook up his PC to the living room display was because the case was too heavy. Yeah, that was pretty lame. I think people just try to find a reason to keep their PC in the bedroom, not that there is anything wrong with that. So what is this thing that will be announced soon? I am a bit worried. I hope it will be a positive change but Valve may take the sloppy way to get into the whole "living room" market and hurt themselves in the process. I'd hazard a guess that they may be selling a Linux-PC built into a large display that is being sold at a really competitive price. When you plug in your consoles to this Steam display, the consoles would then show up in the Steam client and must be launched that way. I think that may be pretty cool. Other than that, I don't think I have any need for whatever they plan on pushing out. Those who are already playing in a "game room" can probably just sit back and smile at this upcoming announcement.

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