Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Real Danger of Play Waiting

I was watching a friend of mine playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for the Personal Computer on last night and after a while, you know what the game reminded me of? White Knight Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 by just the looks of it and the way my friend was playing the archer class. I also played an archer in WKC and since I don't plan on getting on FFXIV - I had my fill when I played Final Fantasy XI Online a long time ago - I immediately grabbed my copy of White Knight Chronicles II and shoved it into my PS3 just for the fun of it. I have only played the game for a few hours (the save file indicated that it was last played in late 2011) so I didn't feel too badly about restarting a fresh game. When I finally got to the part where the online portion of the game opens up, I was really surprised to see this screen when I was trying to access GeoNet:

Apparently, it was shut down on June 18th of this year.

How disappointing. But even if the server was still available, I am sure finding new players to co-op with would still be a major pain anyway but yeah, it was disheartening nonetheless. Still, I owe this game my full attention and I have decided to do just that. I should at least get through the first game and perhaps come back to tackle the second part at a later time. Other than the fact that the computer controlled allies are rather silly, I am really enjoying this game. The things I like the most about the game is the open world feel as well as its interesting take on your typical modern massively multiplayer online role playing battle system, both are highly welcomed since I am craving for some MMO type action these days. This server shut down situation does remind me that there are titles out there in my Game Library that have a strong online multiplayer component and perhaps they needed to be prioritized to ensure that I will not miss out on their packaged online experiences like I did with WKC.

I am loving the big monster encounters.

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