Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NXE: My Experience with "The Experience"

Okay, I am not ashamed to admit that I waited until 2:00am PST earlier this morning to download the "New X-Box Experience" for my X-Box 360. I logged in to my Netflix account on my PC and watched some CSI to pass the time... I mean, who can fall asleep watching that show right? The plan worked and all I can saw is Microsoft did an excellent job with this update. If the X-Box 360 is not so prone to malfunctions, it would be easy to declare that it is one of the greatest console ever because of how wonderful this new update really is. So here's a photo diary of what happened before I finally passed out for being awake too long.

For such a big change, the update download only takes about 2-3 minutes.

It was quick and painless.

When the console restarted, a cool looking opening attract sequence commences...

...sadly, it was in a badly compressed full motion video instead of a real time 3D engine.

Time to make a mii - I mean - an avatar!

The facial construction options are limited but at least you can customize the clothing
even though the options for that are also very limited. I smell filthy money...

Wow, what a difference... And my Ikaruga theme is still there.

Accessing the achievement details is so easy and it is so quick.

Time to install a full game into the HDD...

I selected Culdcept Saga of course... The installation took about 10 minutes
but afterwards when playing the game, the console is eerily silent! Though
the loading time difference is negligible, the game seems to run a lot smoother
with less graphical tearing and a more stable framerate.

Little things like using the actual video game cover to represent what
your friends are playing add a significant amount of polish to the experience.
It's a smashing success... Now we wait for Sony to make the next move!

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