Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Games Alert!

Two of the biggest releases this fall are now in my library: PlayStation 3's Resistance 2 and the X-Box 360's Gears of War 2. I haven't touched Resistance 2 yet but Gears 2 is bigger and better than the first one. Which of the two is more bad @$$? I have to play them more to find out. But isn't it wonderful that I get to play both? Fanboys, consider being a poly-gamist!

I don't know why most people choose one or the other when they can have both.

And oh, I saw this on my copy of Gears of War 2:

A total joke the fact that a lot of people got the game earlier this week and they sent obnoxious messages about how much they love the game and proudly teased others to pick it up immediately even when they know that they got it by a stroke of sheer dumb luck. What's worse? Microsoft allowed the multiplayer server to be used before the official date, which was a total failure on Microsoft's part... It's quite disgusting actually.

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