Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trophies: The First Level Up

I played Super Stardust HD heavily yesterday just so that I could see the PlayStation 3's new trophy "achievement" system in action. A cute little pop-up appeared on the top right hand corner of the screen whenever I unlocked a trophy. I could have sworn that I heard a little chime when it popped but after unlocking 9 trophies, I really cannot say for sure. Either the sound was just indistinguishable or it was really not there yet. The in-game XMB is actually quite cooler than I expected and is more functional than the X-Box 360's in-game dashboard. I like being able to switch to a new application using it while playing another without having to go all the way back to the initial XMB screen and making the selection. As for the in-game custom soundtrack, I hope that Sony will be releasing a patch to enable its usage while running the system's "interactive art" like Mesmerize, Aquatopia, and Tori-Emaki. Keep at it, Sony.

The profile update is a bit slow and nothing flashy happens
when the player levels up. It's not too late to fix this though.

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