Thursday, June 12, 2008

Solid Senility

And I thought that Nintendo's timing for announcements was bad. Please take a look at this one for the highly-anticipated release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:

The game is already out... Why is the countdown a day behind???
Pre-order? It's in stores now!

I also saw the same countdown on the site earlier this morning but when I looked at it again to take a screenshot for this article, it was finally changed to "In stores now". It's quite funny.

I was able to pick up the game at Circuit City this morning. They offered a free guide book with the purchase of the game while supplies last. I do not believe in reading guide books: What is the point of playing the game if you are going to passively "watch" through it? But since it's free, I can look at it once I have completed the game to enjoy the the artwork and screenshots found within.

If you actually spend money on a guide book to play through a game, I feel sad for you.
Only get them when they're free and read them when you're done with the games!

Isn't it funny that this over-hyped game is so easy to find compared to the offbeat and evil Wii Fit? By the way, Gamestop is selling a Limited Edition of the game for $84.99. Extra $20+ for making-of documentaries and a soundtrack CD? Yeah right!

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