Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The More More Temptation

Aaargh... I can't help it... My MMO craving has gotten a bit too overwhelming. Titan Quest can no longer sustain me (I haven't touched it in a long while). I don't want to ever play the nausea-inducing World of Warcraft again so I decided to go back to Everquest II, my MMO of choice before I jumped on WoW. Earlier, I downloaded the 14-day trial for the game to test out the graphics. Originally, I didn't play it for very long because the graphics at lower settings sucked. With my new set up, I am finally able to easily run this game at the highest setting and it looks incredibly beautiful and engaging... Expect more updates on my rekindled MMO habit. I just have to remember to find balance between it and my other games. Many have claimed that nowadays, EQII supports a more casual play-style and that it is more solo-friendly. We shall see.

I could have opted for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
but I better give that game some time to mature further.

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