Monday, June 30, 2008

Trophies Rule!

Sony has finally unveiled in full how the PlayStation 3 trophy system would work. Microsoft should be very, very scared:

Nice TV. The shirt needs to be tucked in.

It's definitely more polished than the X-Box 360's Achievement system. The fact that PlayStation 3 gamers can level up their online profiles via unlocking the trophies is quite attractive. It's like a mini MMO! This could easily steer my future software purchase decisions. This exciting new PlayStation 3 feature will be available with the Firmware 2.40 update coming this Wednesday 07-02-2008 alongside the ho-hum but convenient in-game XMB and custom soundtrack additions. There's still nothing on a resizing feature of the PlayStation 3 screen permanently vs. in-game (and not all games provide that option) to fix overscan issues to those affected. The only bad thing with the trophies is of course, it's going to take some time for us to see this implemented in multi-platform games. Well, that and the following:

Oh come one! No ka-plunk sound?
You got to admit: It's like a drug on the X-Box 360.


overscan68000 said...

Curious- how do you feel about trophies vs achievements now the new consoles are released? Did you prefer the system on the 360 or the PS3?

Loner Gamer said...

Currently, neither. I am not into task-unlockers these days.