Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forgotten Ring

I am enjoying my rebirth in Everquest II but there is now a slight distraction to that experience. I stumbled into a free 14-day trial for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar last night. I did play it for about a month or two when it first came out last year. I had some graphical problems with that game and I didn't want to turn down the eye-candy settings... I know, I am such a graphics whore but only if a game has the in-game option to look better. I thought that LotRO:SoA was definitely better than the stale and rotting World of Warcraft.

I have fallen in love with EQII again...

I reinstalled the game and registered for the 14-day trial with a new account. The game is now running perfectly with all the settings maxed out. The weird movement/lag glitch that I had experienced frequently before, where the character would be transported back a couple of steps behind every half a minute, is gone - not sure if it was just the game's defect or my PC's previous lack of graphical prowess. What I still don't like about this game is the subtle nature of the special attacks. They look a bit weak and uninspired. I do not care much about the character design either and the armor sets look a bit boring. I do like the heavy story-driven progression and the uber-cinematic instanced dungeon runs. I can't and shouldn't play more than one massively-multiplayer online game at a time so I really have to think about this and decide which game I am going to spend a lot of my time with. In the meantime, I'm off to Middle-Earth in-between my Norrath escapades.

...but will LotRO:SoA steal my heart?

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