Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preview: El Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (2008)
Developer: Blue Tongue
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 06/09/2008

I really do not have any clue about the TV show this game is based on. All I know is that the game is supposed to play like an old school platform game. What? An old school platformer in this day and age? Blasphemy! Fortunately, the previous statement is true. El Tigre is pretty much a 2D platformer with 3D graphics. The wacky storyline reveals that El Tigre's father and grandfather are kidnapped by some evil villains and it is up to him and his friends to rescue them.

The story is told through a simple 2D slideshow. Classic homage or budget cuts?
Blue Tongue should be commended for the efforts shown here. El Tigre is focused purely on platforming with a little bit of simple combat added into the mix. I have only completed the "Miracle City" stage and I am already reminded of the gaming classics of old. There is a lot of jumping, double jumping, triple jumping, falling platforms, one hit kills, and collectable tokens - you name it, it's here. The game gets quite hardcore as you move along from left to right towards the end of the stage so expect to die many, many times. The strange thing is, the player is granted with unlimited life and the death count is later subtracted from the total score for completing the stage. Player can switch between two characters on the fly but the difference between El Tigre and Frida/Black Coervo are just cosmetic.

Black Cuervo seems to be a bit moody.

The problem I found so far in this game is that the stage I played on was just a bit too long so it felt repetitive even though the obstacles and complexities of the platforming evolve as I progressed through it. The first boss came up as a big disappointment: the boss stage acts just like another level with your character avoiding upcoming projectiles before killing the boss with one simple hit. Maybe this will change on the other levels. Developers need to make more games like this and experiment with what 3D games with 2D perspectives can really do.

Sweet platforming and here, there is no sign of a werewolf hedgehog to ruin it all.


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