Friday, June 20, 2008

Sonic Doomed

We are merely months away from the cross-platform release of the less-anticipated, much feared, and seemingly-cursed Sonic Unleashed. Sega recently released a new trailer showcasing the 2D to 3D speedy sections of the game. See below:

Yeah. Uhuh.

Though the gameplay shown here looks good in that Sonic Advance kind of way, what the trailer really hints at is that this game is going to be a total disappointment. Why? Because they have released the Sonic as Werewolf teaser on their website and the images have been all over the internet and magazines for a long time now yet we still haven't been given the slighest of opportunities to look at how the werewolf section is going to play out. The people at Sega know that Sonic fans want Sonic to be revived with the old classic platforming gameplay intact and that is why they are really pushing hard to trick their loyal fans into believing that they have learned from their past mistakes. Imagine watching the gameplay footage of what could easily be the slow and boring werewolf section - the sale of the game would drop tremendously. It looks like my previous hesitation was well grounded.

Holy hell!

Here's the deal, Sega. Show us the crappy werewolf half of the game or scrape it off from the final product. After admitting to fans' disappointments in the previous 3D outings, there is no reason to keep the werewolf element in the game when you know that it is terrible (thus the no show). This is really becoming another Nights: Journey of Dreams fiasco. The game's Lead Director Yoshihisa Hashimoto is full of gas. Sega sucks. And I used to be their number 1 fan.

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