Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kirby: Rainbow Curse or Platform Curse?

That white stylus on the cover art is so Nintendo DS.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse that was recently released seems like a completely odd match for its destination platform, the Wii U. That realization became immediately apparent when I played the game for the first time this morning. This is a game that is impossible to play while watching the action on my big screen as it requires me to manipulate Kirby with the stylus on the Wii U GamePad at all times. The stylus only controls is adopted from Kirby: Canvas Curse that was released on the Nintendo DS many years ago. I was hoping that this game would combine both conventional platforming elements that requires conventional controls in addition to manipulating the stylus, thus further enhancing the original game's design so that it would feel appropriate for the Wii U. Rainbow Curse features a unique and beautiful claymation aesthetics that really pops on the big screen but sadly, the game is doomed to be played via the GamePad's touch screen. Let me make it very clear that this game is still extremely fun but Nintendo's decision to not release this game on the Nintendo 3DS is very baffling to me. Sure, the game becomes playable on the big screen when more than one person is playing but since the primary gameplay experience is fully confined to the small screen, why bother releasing this on the Wii U? You can check out my test session with the game from the video below.

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