Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Living Room Delusion

I have already written up about this whole situation which you can read in length via this link but when Valve finally released a set date on their new promotion page when they are going to go bat crazy with the "living room" invasion, I just had to at least make a mention of it here. I must be in the minute minority of people apparently who think that the living room is not the greatest place to game. I rather play in the comfort of my Game Room, which is far away from the living room where my husband watches, in glee, The Real Housewives and Shahs of Sunset all freaking day. Perhaps it is because I married a guy who doesn't like video games and if things were different, I probably would have set everything up in the living room. But then I clicked on this page and everything became immediately clear. The reason why Valve is going bananas about the "living room" is because they also want to tap into the music/movie markets, just like how Nvidia is targeting those markets via Android with their upcoming release of the Shield console. I still think that Valve is just getting a little too greedy. I think it's cool that they inspired the creation of the Steam Machines, which are basically smaller, console-like Personal Computers. I am glad they are not producing the hardware on their own. Yet I still would love it if they can just man up and say clearly somewhere up front that people just need to have an HDMI cable to play their current PCs on their big screen displays today! That Steam Controller? The day Dota 2 tournaments are played with that controller is the only thing that can convince me that it is innovative and can replace actual keyboard and mouse controls for games designed around those peripherals. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Steam but I cannot help but feel disheartened when I know for sure now which direction Valve is heading and that destination is not 100% commitment to PC gaming but instead, the same dream that companies like Microsoft or Sony are after which is "Entertainment" as a whole.

Valve wants to have it all. Even those things outside of actual PC gaming.

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