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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Game Room: The Futon Mystery

If there is one thing that I absolutely doesn't belong in my Game Room, it's the large futon that I have just sitting there on one side of the room. I never wanted it to be in my Game Room like ever but you see, there's some important history involved in having such an inappropriate furniture placement. As you may have known, it was not until recently that my husband revealed his relationship with me with his family. We have been together for about 17 years and for about 16 of those years, I was just his roommate to his family. We used to live in a two-story townhouse with 3 bedrooms and one of them became my Game Room. But since my husband is very close to his family, I had to pretend that the Game Room was also my bedroom. During our early years, I used to have a bed in the Game Room and I would be gaming while laying on top of the bed. Later on, we found this futon at a garage sale and I knew that I needed it for my Game Room so that I could regain some space and play my games more ergonomically.

That thing is such an eyesore and it serves no real function... for me at. least

Well, I am now ready to get this thing out of my Game Room. My girl Yoshi is not going to be too happy about it but it really needs to happen. Just imagine how much more gaming goodies I could fit into that space. Now that we don't have to worry about the family wondering where the heck I sleep at night, it's still hard to figure out where I can place this futon. It's still somewhat functional so I don't want to just drop it into the dumpster. I hope to get this resolved soon!

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