Saturday, February 28, 2015

Toon Link and Bowser amiibos

I was at a retailer tonight and I couldn't resist them. Galaxy knows I tried. These two amiibo figurines are just so damn adorable, I just had to make them mine! Who cares that it's apparent now the 7 amiibos that I already have sitting at home are only used to decorate the Game Room with their presence instead of spicing up the Wii U games with amiibo implementation.

The best of both worlds.

Let's start off with Toon Link. This is a beautiful figurine that captures that cel-shaded version of Link perfectly. It may look simplistic from a distance but there are plenty of intricate details to be found on this amiibo. The raised engravings in front of the shield are magnificent and even the back of the shield is well constructed. Let's not forget about the sword's sheath hanging on his back! I really love the marking on it and there is even a mock opening at the top of it. Unfortunately, this amiibo is held back from being utterly flawless due to the huge transparent pillar that shoots up from the base into Link's buttocks. Who knew that Link was into this kind of a kinky thing. What a shame Nintendo.

That looks like it may hurt... a lot!

The Bowser amiibo is thankfully spared from any kind of humiliating bodily penetration. It stood confidently on top of the base, even though it's obvious that Bowser's feet are too big for it because they are left dangling outside of the perimeter. I cannot find any flaws in this particular figurine, making it the best amiibo I have thus far. Not only that, it's also the heaviest of the bunch! Even with Toon Link's massive dildo, I am still very happy with my latest additions. I sure wish that a the other amiibos I want are easy to find at their MSRP value...

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