Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Thanksgiving Reveal

So it finally happened. After we were done eating Thanksgiving dinner earlier this evening, my husband informed his family about our relationship and that we had been married for quite a while now. I was bracing myself for the worst only to discover that the family was receptive and open about the situation. I was very relieved. Apparently, the family had suspected that something was going on between the two of us because they have seen my husband and I being together for a very long time. I am very proud of my husband for his bravery and honesty. I am glad that everything worked out with his side of the family when it didn't on mine. Now, we don't have to live in secret anymore around our family members. I hope your Thanksgiving was a joyous and happy occasion as well.

I no longer have to take these rings off when meeting the family.

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