Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Streaming Together: A Change of Heart?

I have mentioned many times in the past that I would have liked my husband to join me in my Game Room every so often, even if he would just be watching me playing games instead of playing them together with me but he's just not into video games whatsoever. Well, I was surprised that when I asked him again about streaming together on my channel, I do this every so often since I don't give up even against impossible odds, he actually agreed to do it! I don't know if this has a lot to do with his recent realization - the event did not happen on his birthday however because it got cancelled due to an unexpected circumstance and he now plans to do it tomorrow after Thanksgiving dinner, which of course makes me more nervous - but whatever it is, I love it! I really look forward to have him by my side during my future streaming sessions.

How I have longed to share the webcam with my husband and it's finally going to happen.

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