Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peach amiibo Blunder

I went out shopping at Target last night and I saw the Nintendo amiibo figures physically for the very first time. I was so very impressed with the build quality as well as the likeness of the Mario and Yoshi amiibos that I almost picked one of those up. Then, I saw the one for Princess Peach and I almost threw up. It was totally disgusting. Nintendo should be ashamed for what had happened to Peach in her amiibo form and all Peach amiibo figures should be collected, burned, and forever forgotten. Please take a look for yourself:

Left: Figure Concept, Right: Actual Figure

Apparently, something must have happened during the construction of the Peach amiibo that turned her into a possible transvestite. The real figure doesn't even come close to the delicateness of the original vision. If you have purchased this amiibo, I urge you to contact Nintendo and demand a replacement from them.


overscan68000 said...

It's not that bad..? The face is very similar; nearly identical, but the detailing of other aspects is lacking. Sadly that's what happens when you make things to a budget. Skylanders have these issues but it is probably just less noticeable as they aren't human..!

Loner Gamer said...

I don't mind the missing details on her clothing. I can understand discolorations and outline mistakes which do occur on some Skylanders figurines but from the shape of the head that affected the placement of her facial features, that is not Princess Peach. For a good laugh, try to find the actual Peach amiibo figure at the store and marvel at the horror.