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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The State of Wii U Physical Games

I have been inducting Wii U games almost exclusively via digital means. It's risky, I know, since Nintendo is still stubborn about the implementation of profile-based digital ownership where all digital games are not tied to the consoles but I have the confidence that they will be mending their way in regards to this hopefully soon. Today, I was surprised by the spouse with a gift of a Wii U game while we were out running some rather boring errands in the form of Hyrule Warriors. When I got home, I noticed that the pin number for the Club Nintendo game registration was printed on the inner sleeve of the cover instead of the usual colorful insert that was always included alongside the game manual:

I bet those physical-copy fanatics are not happy about this...

The decision to do this is financially sound but many people love the whole physical copy thing so they can lust after what they can hold in their hands and Nintendo keeps diminishing that joy a little bit at a time. I tell you what Nintendo. Why don't you immediately abandon your draconian digital game digital rights management as well as fully eliminate all physical game distribution and I am sure that people will embrace buying their Nintendo games via digital means. If Valve can do it with Steam, you know that any other game companies can.

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