Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Morning of Pain

I had to get my blood drawn this morning and it wasn't a great experience because I ended up getting poked twice. And it wasn't just that I was getting poked twice but it was the whole poke then the needle gets moved around in that in and out motion to find a vein thing per poke that got me. It's been a little cold here and I knew from experience that I needed to make sure that I dressed warmly to ensure that my veins won't shriveled up but apparently this still happened. Since they couldn't find a vein in my arm, they ended up going for the top of my hand and well, that wasn't fun. I have had a needle gone there before when I gotten an IV for an operation and even then, they tried tricking me into a conversation before they poked the needle in so that I wouldn't freak out and back then, they had to do that twice because during the surprise poke, the nurse couldn't find the vein. Why haven't we invented a technology yet to enable a blood draw with a 100% success rate with each poke?

A bit traumatized this morning.

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