Saturday, November 15, 2014

DA: Inquisition - Welcome to the Stone Age

I am quite excited about the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, so much so that I finally completed the always stunted play-through of Dragon Age II. In the past, I had to restart playing that game twice from the very beginning because I left the game for quite a while on both occasions. It's always hard for me to get into a game again after leaving it behind for too long but thankfully I decided to just brave through the disorientation and confusion this time around only to discover that I was actually very close to the end of the game. It felt good to see the end of the sequel's tale, even though the epilogue was rather disappointing. More disappointing however was the discovery that Inquisition will not have an import save feature and instead, one has to manually plug in decisions made in past games via the Dragon Age Keep website. Such an odd choice. Surely there has got to be a way to make importing save files possible here because completing the "World State" from the website is a frustrating process since I really couldn't remember - and I doubt that I'm the only one - the specific choices I made while playing the first game. Thank the galaxy that I was fresh off the second game so I was able to complete entries for that game with ease.

Video games don't remember choices anymore. That task belongs to the humans now.

Gaming technology is supposed to advance forward and BioWare's approach to interconnect the first two games with Inquisition is a rather embarrassing one. Now I worked hard on completing all the choices on the website so I better see clever implementation of all that data in Inquisition. And please, no more of this manual crap in the future. I have a feeling that they are doing this primarily to help the PlayStation 4 and X-Box One players because it would be hard to get the save files from the previous versions of those consoles over. Just randomize events or create a default state for those are new to the series and mandate only the PS4/XOne players to complete the plot tapestry on the website instead of making everyone suffer just to play the game properly.

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