Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lucky with Borderlands

For the second time in a row, I seem to have been pretty lucky when it comes to getting Borderlands games for free. I was looking through a list of channels that were broadcasting The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 2 on - I love watching people play the game, especially their reactions to the choices found in the game - when I saw that one of them, a new channel called Brantman19, was doing a giveaway for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Sure, there are plenty of channels out there offering free games and I participated in some of the giveaways but when it comes to these things, I don't have my hopes up. It was strange however that there were not a lot of people watching the channel even though the giveaway was to commence at the end of the broadcast session. There have always been a good number of people watching The Walking Dead streams but apparently they all flocked to a more popular channel. The two guys hosting the stream were engaging and fun so I stayed until the show ended even though I didn't have to for the sake of the giveaway. Since there were only two people watching and we stuck around for a while, the hosts decided to give both of us a code for the game. I was really shocked. I really didn't expect that whatsoever since the game is pretty brand new thus it was a very generous offering. I had planned to get the new Borderlands when they release the ultimate edition with all the downloadable contents but now, the game is sitting in my Steam Library. Thanks Brantley and Jason from Brantman19!

Kenny is a dick, these guys however, are cool.

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