Thursday, October 9, 2014

Retiring My "Purchase List"

Today, I have decided to retire my "Purchase List", the page that showcased a breakdown by platform of all the games that I am interested in eventually inducting into my Game Library. Maybe I am just becoming wiser and wiser every day or perhaps it's just the methane build-up from eating too much salad but I think that having access to that list is more of a deterrent. For the most part, my focus lately has been on Steam and even there, my wishlist has grown into a total 500+ desired games. I really like looking into the future these days instead of hanging on to the past so if I were to leave behind those games that I had noted on the Purchase List, so be it. If I encounter them in the future and I were to have the capability of getting them then, so be it. Yes, this doesn't mean that I have wiped away my interest in past games, it just means that I am going to take things as they happen. Perhaps it is a bit unhealthy to keep looking at the list whenever I get to do some game getting because I should just listen to what the heart currently desires. I know that this list had helped the spouse in the past because it used to be really hard to get video games for me but these days, the spouse would just push some money into my Steam wallet. I remember finding copies of the list in the house several times in years past - it still brings tears to my eyes to think that the spouse was carrying the list around just to look for some silly video games that I really wanted. I will leave the Purchase List on the website because there are plenty of articles that refer back to it but it will no longer be an active listing from this point forward.

Some things are meant to be left behind. You can't have everything you wanted.

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