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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Armpit Hair: The New Lens Flare

I was checking out some screenshots for the upcoming NBA 2K15 on Steam last night because I do have an interest in the game now since it will feature the new graphics engine, unlike how badly the Personal Computer community was treated previously with NBA 2K14. The one screenshot that immediately caught my eyes was this particular one:

Ewww. They managed to cram double the armpit hair into one screenshot.

Alright, so armpit hair is all natural and stuff but do I really need to see it in video games? No. I suppose I am one of those people who find them unsightly even in real life - don't professional athletes have enough money to buy a razor and enough time to just shave it off - but it's all a matter of personal preference I suppose. I guess I never understood goatees and bushy beards either but that's just me. Surely the developer should be focusing on more pressing matters than ensuring that the character models in this game have armpit hair. What did they do? Assign someone to check out the videos of the real life players' armpit hair? Perhaps they actually get up close and personal to their armpits to ensure that the result will look realistic? Will the armpit hair get a wet fur physics? All of a sudden, the prospect of playing this game is slowly diminishing for me.

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