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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Are Most Nintendo Enthusiasts This Nutty?

I visited the Club Nintendo website today and saw a curious promotion announcement for the new Super Smash Bros., a game that is now available for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released next month for the Wii U. I have been waiting for the Wii U release of course because the game looks exceptionally better on the console than the handheld. I was excited at the opportunity to receive the soundtrack for the game but then I realized that you can only claim the soundtrack if you buy both versions of the game:

Yes, because this is a good enough reason to get the same game twice.

I suppose I already know the answer to the question I posed here. There are a lot of crazy gamers out there who would fulfill Nintendo's psychotic requirement and buy the same game twice. I have known people who would buy all of the versions of a game across multiple consoles on the very same day even just to "support the developer". Buying one is supporting the developer. Buying the same game multiple times may indicate some kind of brain damage. Sorry Nintendo, but this is just asking for way too much from a sane person.

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