Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nintendo Made Bayonetta More Vulgar?

Bayonetta was a mediocre game when I first played it on the X-Box 360 and the re-release that came with the sequel on the Nintendo Wii doesn't change that. What Nintendo did manage to do with the game however is actually made the game even more vulgar, something that I never thought possible since the original release was already mega blasphemous and extremely sexual to begin with, thanks to the "Princess" outfits based on Nintendo's own Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. The Wii U version also features a Samus outfit as well as a Link outfit and both of these were spared the over-sexualized transformation so I wonder if Nintendo actually blessed the treatments Platinum Games gave to the Princess outfits since those people at Nintendo are normally very careful about protecting their family-friendly brands. Sure, these Bayonetta games are for mature audiences only and I don't think Nintendo should ever worry about releasing a never-ending amount of "M" rated games but to actually use images that you normally associate with their family-friendly characters the Bayonetta way is just quite disturbing. Of course, everything was done in the spirit of fun but still, it's crazy that Platinum Games can get away with these select outfits. I think I rather see Bayonetta cosplay as these princesses more appropriately since she got enough sexy outfits to begin with anyway.

Princess Peach, I mean, Bayonetta had a little too much to drink...

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