Friday, January 3, 2014

When It Comes to Gaming, I Have No Family

I saw that the Steam client needed to be restarted when I came back to my Personal Computer about 15 minutes ago and in the patch notes, there was a mention that the Family Sharing feature had finally been implemented into the beta client. I have completely forgotten about this groundbreaking Steam feature because you know, I do not have a close gaming friend, locally or on the Internet. To be honest, I have been a bit down over these past couple of days. I have shared with the spouse that I have been feeling quite lonely in the video gaming side of my life. The spouse and I have both been at home since Christmas eve but each of us are spending it the way we individually wanted to spend out free time - watching cable television for the spouse and playing video games for me. That has worked for us since forever but perhaps I am having a mid-life crisis. There is a void in my heart because I'd really would like to share the deeper, more personal side of my gaming life with someone who would actually appreciate it. A bit bleak for the first entry for 2014 but perhaps realizing that I am having a problem with this will ensure that things will work out for the best in the end.

Close to 700 Steam games and no one to share them with. Such a shame.

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