Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sonic & All-Stars: Transforming Ryo

After what seemed to be an eternity, Sega has finally released a new premium vehicle for Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed on Steam today based on one of their more recognizable characters - I am surprised that it even happened since the game is close to being a year old. Available for only $1.59, the Ryo Hazuki downloadable content only includes the additional character from Shenmue - who I believe should have been included in the game to begin with - but without an additional racing track. I think it's worth the small amount of cash since I really love the game and Ryo's vehicles themselves are pretty cool because he is pretty much using Sega's arcade cabinets on wheels as his chosen method of travels. The disappointing thing here however is that Ryo has no fancy transformation sequence when his vehicle changes modes. Instead, you see an ugly, low resolution emblem and some flashes, which is basically the way how the transformation sequences were handled for the free PC exclusive characters. Now, it would have been forgivable if Ryo was free but he's not. He should have gotten the same treatment as the Metal Sonic DLC character. Sega, just give us a couple of more PC-exclusive free characters and you will be forgiven.

Ryo is so cool, he doesn't even have to watch the road he's speeding on.

Is that a Sega Dreamcast quality texture resolution?

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