Friday, January 10, 2014

Non-Origin Game: Time Played Missing

You know that I have been singing praises for Electronic Arts' Origin client when it comes to tracking gameplay time for games that are not native to both the Origin and Valve's Steam clients. Well, over the past two patch updates, this feature had suddenly been missing from Origin:

The precious gameplay data I had before... Gone without a trace.

What's more sad about this is that I had reported this problem to EA as soon as it happened and it is still not being addressed by them. I sent another report yesterday and I am giving them one more chance to fix the problem before I transfer all of the non-Origin games to Steam. I even mentioned in my reports that this is the one beneficial feature that Origin has over Steam - you would think that they would want to preserve that but apparently, it's not that much of a priority to them. I look forward for the next patch to be rolled out. The bad thing here is that unlike Steam with its multiple times a day patches, the ones for Origin are truly few and far between so it's going to be a long, arduous wait. EA, you need to take care of the small number of people who still see the good in you.

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