Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't Starve: Don't Subtitle It!

This week is a good week to be a PlayStation Plus member who happens to have access to one of those still elusive PlayStation 4 units - apparently Sony wants Microsoft to get all the sales because the X-Box One can be found just about everywhere these days - because you can now play Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve: Console Edition for free! I own the Personal Computer version of this game but I don't play it as much as I should and since I don't want the PS4 to just sit there doing nothing, I decided to download it. The controls of course are just not that intuitive on the PS4 compared to the PC version but it's pretty much the same game. The one thing I hate about this version is that stupid subtitle:

One of the worst subtitles in the history of video gaming? You betcha.

So what went on in the minds of the developers when they added that stupid subtitle? Maybe they thought that people wouldn't buy and/or download the game from the PS4 because those people may think that they are getting the PC version of the game? Should all cross-platform releases from now on carry that subtitle to ensure that the games you are playing are indeed the console version? Silly, isn't it? The funny thing here is that a lot of console only gamers probably didn't even know this game ever existed outside of the PS4 so why take away that fantasy of exclusivity from them? That's just not very smart.

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I thought that was a bit weird when I saw it. I mean, if you have an 'ultimate edition' subtitle, sure - you have all the DLC or something.

I haven't owned/played the PC version, only seen screens and some video and it looks the same (except some minor HUD differences in the upper right corner). Again, if there was something 'different' about the two I could see the tacked on subtitle but I thought that seemed strange hte other night when I tossed it on my PS4 as well.