Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wii Fat

With the release of Star Soldier R on the shop channel yesterday, I thought that I would finally purchase my first WiiWare creation. After I selected the game and readied it for download, I encountered the following screen:

Your Wii is Fat. Please buy Wii Fit.

It's official. My Wii is overweight. It was the first time that I encountered this memory issue and it was quite frustrating. I knew that it was coming, as previously discussed in last Monday's article, but I didn't expect for it to happen during my first WiiWare download. Thus, a decision had to be made:

What a pain.

After several minutes of waiting for the copying process to finish, I went back to the online store and started the whole process again until I got to this screen:

Warning! Warning! You are about to get ripped-off!

Wow! Well, I do want to thank Nintendo for saving me from downloading this sick joke of a game. 2 stages? You got to be kidding me. No, thank you.

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