Friday, May 9, 2008

The 1080p You Don't Need

Sony has a weird idea of "cool" when it comes to advertising its products. The first batch of the PlayStation 3 console's advertisements on TV were cold and creepy, focusing on the machine's supposedly smart Cell Processor instead of the amount of joy and fun players could actually have with it. Remember how the console killed the Rubik's Cube in such a violent fashion? It was wicked but yes it was also a bit weird. A new self-promotional video has recently surfaced on the PSN Store called "PlayStation 3 What You Need Video".

Download at your own peril!

You should definitely download this mess and observe how embarrassing this whole thing really is. We already know what the PlayStation 3 can do and using cheesy dance moves to get the message across is just plain tired. It is more So You Think You Can Dance? than "Isn't the PlayStation 3 cool?" The old "Play Beyond" commercials may be a bit heartless and terribly misleading but they were artsy and in a lot of ways, successful. Let's check out the dancer's smooth moves shall we? It's so gangster!

Oh look! You can navigate through the PlayStation 3's XMB menus using hand motions!

Why does he have the controller above his head like that? SIXAXIS madness?

Store those music CDs in your jacket's pocket!

Look at the determined look on his face and the gentle grips of his fingers!

My PlayStation Eye doesn't float in the air like that... Hey, why are you not dancing?

Watch out for that flying image! The only thing this move proves is his sexual orientation.

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