Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review: CrossworDS

CrossworDS (2008)
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Purchase Date: 05/13/2008

Clever screen layouts.

Having a crossword puzzle on the Nintendo DS is brilliant. Why bother completing one on paper unless you have a pencil with an eraser and the result is always somewhat of a mess. In this game, all you have to do to change an incorrect letter is to write over it and the new letter will then take its place, quite simple! There are over 1000 crossword puzzles contained within - a great value! Not only that, Nintendo included wordsearch and anagrams into the game.

Simple and clean presentation.

The touch screen is used to write a letter into each box while the other screen is used to display the clues and the overall layout of the crossword. The touch screen can be a bit tricky to navigate through and requires constant fiddling of the zoom button. There is a nice option to have the screen move automatically to the next box to the right or to the bottom that helps facilitate the game's flow.

The letter recognition is better than ever!

At the end of each puzzle, the player's performance is evaluated based on the total time it took to complete it and whether any hints were used during the session. Speaking of hints, you have the option to reveal a letter, a word, or an additional clue when you are stuck. Choose carefully though since they each include their own time penalty. There are a couple of flaws that hinder the overall experience. You will encounter repeat clues going through the different crossword puzzles. Anagrams can get frustrating at times because Nintendo censored words they deemed not family-friendly, like "fart". I do find the game to be a great distraction during the quiet moments of my day. It is engaging, challenging, and very easy to enjoy.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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