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Friday, June 12, 2015

Steam Monster Sale 2015 Purchase Catalogue

The Monster Summer Sale on Steam has begun yesterday and it will last through 06/21/2015. I know that I will be getting quite a number of games because of this and starting with this summer sale, I decided to catalog everything that I inducted into my Game Library for each of these events just to see how merciless Valve can be. This list will be updated daily so stay tune to witness all the potential induction craziness. Bear in mind though that since I already got a lot of Steam games in the past, it is getting harder and harder to find deals to grab because for the most part, I already gotten those games in the past. As a reference, I normally would only get games with a ≥75% discount. I do make exceptions to that rule but only on special cases. Don't be surprised to see a crazy influx of inductions during the last day of the sale - that is when I would go nuts with getting all the ≥75% off games from my Steam wishlist knowing that they won't get a higher discount with the event coming to a close.

Day 1: 06/11/2015

Day 2: 06/12/2015

Day 3: 06/13/2015

Day 4: 06/14/2015

Day 5: 06/15/2015

Day 6: 06/16/2015

Day 7: 06/17/2015

Day 8: 06/18/2015

Day 9: 06/19/2015

Day 10: 06/20/2015

Final Day: 06/21/2015

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