Monday, June 1, 2015

GTX 980: To Ti or Not to Ti

I have been waiting for Nvidia to announce a new line-up to their GeForce family to make a decision in regards to upgrading my GTX 670 and with the arrival of the GTX 980 Ti yesterday, I have finally made up my mind. I know AMD got something up their sleeve in the coming weeks but ever since I switched from ATI to Nvidia, I can never go back. Though I am tempted to to just shell out for the 980 Ti, I have decided to just stick with the GTX 980 since it's powerful enough to last me several years with my 1080p max resolution gaming. By the time I upgrade to a 4K big screen display, I can then get whatever the latest and greatest GPU available at that point in time. My new graphics card should be arriving shortly and I can't wait to see the improvements it will bring to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Grand Theft Auto V, the two games that do struggle with my current graphics card. They don't perform that badly, especially GTA V, a game that I found to be exemplary when it comes to its optimization for the PC platform - great job Rockstar Games, but I just can't crank everything up too high for them without sacrificing a smooth frame rate. These games are looking great now and they can only look much much better with the upgrade.

I opted for EVGA yet again.

Update Note - 06/05/2015: After some careful consideration, I decided to actually wait to upgrade my PC. Because my GTX 670 is still doing very well, I am going to stick with it for now and maybe in about a year's time, or more, I will do a complete overhaul for my entire system and not just the graphics card.

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