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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Steam: Refund Policy for a Digital Age

The time to start buying games digitally is now and the best place to do that? Steam. Today, Valve has announced an incredible new refund policy for all your Steam purchases! Sure, Origin has something similar but it only affects games made by Electronic Arts while Valve's coverage is much, much wider. Basically, if you don't like a game, you have only played it for less than two hours, and it's within 14 days of purchase, you can return the game for any reason and get a full refund. Yes, how crazy is that? Even if the game falls outside of those guidelines, Steam will be happy to review your case! At the moment, there is no other digital gaming distributors across all gaming platforms that offers anything remotely close to this. As if this is not already great news, the process for refund is now streamlined within the Steam client to make things very convenient. Of course, they will be monitoring this closely for abuse situations because we know some people just can't help themselves and developers' confidence in Steam has to be maintained. So if you have always been weary about buying digital games because of the inability to return said purchases, well, that reason is no longer valid. Start gaming on Steam, the ultimate gaming haven, today!

Valve is playing for keeps. This is why I love them so much.

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