Monday, June 15, 2015

Okay Microsoft, This I Like

Microsoft announced today during their E3 conference that the X-Box One will be receiving X-Box 360 backwards compatibility, with the amount of compatible games reaching around 100 by the time the feature is officially launched this fall. The coolest thing about this is that Microsoft is claiming that these games will run natively on the X-Box One instead running on mere software emulation and that even retail disc games will work. I really like this idea. I mean, I really like it a lot. With Sony trying to milk their loyal customers dry with the rental game service of past generation PlayStation games, Microsoft is paving a more intriguing path. They also claim that the list will continue to grow as long as the publishers of the affected games approve those games to be playable on the X-Box One. This could be tricky though so it is possible that this may turn out the same way as how the original X-Box compatibility was on the X-Box 360 - which if you remember, was severely lacking - if these game publishers get too selfish. But you know what? I have to give credit where it's due and Microsoft is doing the right thing here and technically, they are allowing full backwards compatibility but they cannot force the publishers' hands. This is an excellent feature that should continue across console generations and I am a supporter of backwards compatibility - that is why I primarily game on the Personal Computers (Steam rules all) because you know, almost all of those PC games are compatible with newer operating systems. You have won Microsoft because you even made me start thinking of getting an X-Box One - gasp! I love the idea of having another hardware that I can use for my X-Box 360 games. It would have been nicer if you just allow Windows 10 to be able to play both the X-Box 360 games and X-Box One games but you know that will never happen.

Can we speed up the release of this feature and bump up the number of games please?

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