Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skylander Danger

As you may know, I have recently convinced myself to give Skylanders Swap Force for the PlayStation 4 a chance and my Starter Pack is finally here. I have played the game for a bit and this action role playing game is pretty darn fun. I sure wish that the "Portal of Power" where you place the figurines on to summon your Skylanders in the game was a wireless accessory though because having that USB cable hanging from the PlayStation 4 console all the way to the small table in front of me is rather unsightly. Now the extra figurines that the spouse got me definitely provided me with quite a good amount of character variety while playing the game but you know what? That is not going to be good enough to keep me from hunting more of them. Yes, this game is very dangerous indeed for those who are an obsessive compulsive gamer like myself because to access all of the game's contents, you must have at least one Skylander of each elemental properties, swap techniques, and even one of the Skylander giants: Of course I have calculated this risk before but I didn't anticipate that I could be a bit impatient about the process of getting these requirements fulfilled. It certainly didn't help that the Starter Pack comes with a cool poster that lists all of the newer Skylanders and there is a section underneath each of them where you can post the stickers you get with all the figurines. Oh my galaxy, this activity is quite addicting indeed, it really reminds me of those sticker books from my childhood. Whoever thought of this must be quite an evil genius:

That's going to require a lot of cash.

I kept telling myself to stay calm, and that all the Skylanders I need and want will eventually come to me, that I really do not need to rush myself. Yet, I found myself at the store this evening to get a bottle of mouthwash and yes, you guessed it, I also stepped out of the store with a new Skylander:

I couldn't say no to Hoot Loop...

Yes, this whole venture is getting a bit out of control... I must not look at the figurines online! Nor should I gawk at them at the retail stores because I have a feeling that they are going to possess me to buy them! I must wait at least a couple of months in between doing those things from now on!

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