Monday, April 14, 2014

Here Come Those Crazy Skylanders

When the spouse learned about my venture into Skylanding, I didn't expect a crazy plan to get additional Skylanders figurines to show up on our doorstep before my order of the actual game even got the chance to arrive here. Though I planned to look into getting more of them, I originally planned to spend a lot of time with the three characters that came with the Starter Pack for Skylanders Swap Force but it looks like now, I can have a lot more variety in my upcoming PS4 revitalization adventure thanks to the ninja-like spousal intervention:

Okay, that Super Gulp Pop Fizz is pretty darn cute.

I didn't expect much from these figurines and even though I have seen them physically being displayed in retail stores before, I have never paid much attention to them. Now that they are sitting in front of me, I must say that these figurines are quite well made. There are plenty of little details to them and the coloring looks great. I really like how the bottle that the Pop Fizz character is standing on is actually hollow inside and that wicked set of horns on the Mega Ram Spyro looks really mean. Oh no, am I falling in love with these things?  I have a place to display them too - they will line up the window sill on the left hand side of the Game Room. Hope they all could fit there if (when?) I get more of them:

Confirmed: Skylanding is more dangerous than skydiving...

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